h1-h6 headings


Use Title component to render h1-h6 headings with Mantine theme styles. By default, Title has no margins and paddings. You can change headings font-size and line-height properties in theme.

Pass order prop to render specific element (h1-h6), default order is 1:

This is h1 title

This is h2 title

This is h3 title

This is h4 title

This is h5 title
This is h6 title
import { Title } from '@mantine/core';
function Demo() {
return (
<Title order={1}>This is h1 title</Title>
<Title order={2}>This is h2 title</Title>
<Title order={3}>This is h3 title</Title>
<Title order={4}>This is h4 title</Title>
<Title order={5}>This is h5 title</Title>
<Title order={6}>This is h6 title</Title>